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retirement issues for baby boomers

Top 3 Retirement Issues For Baby Boomers

3 Critical Retirement Issues For Baby Boomers The retirement issues for baby boomers are issues every one must plan for. The conflict for baby boomers is that some of the older boomers are running out of time. Good retirement planning is accomplished in 3 steps: building a nest egg, protecting that nest egg and preserving the assets in that nest egg. #1 […]

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investing in stocks

Is Investing In Stocks Out In Retirement?

Is Investing In Stocks Old School? Have ya heard? Traditional retirement may be on its way out, it’s becoming old school. Traditional retirement life may be on its way out but is the traditional methods of retirement planning, investing in stocks, also becoming obsolete? The Old Retirement Life Yes the days where retirement life meant a permanent vacation is out. […]

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Spending Cuts Equal More Retirement Money

Need More Retirement Money? Reaching your retirement goals is a two-step process. Step one is to change your financial habits. Step two will be investing into your retirement accounts that extra money you saved from step one. If you need more retirement money you need to squeeze it out of that which you have available […]

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Retirement Money In Will Is No Laughing Matter

Leave Loved Ones Retirement Assets Or Debt You get to decide whether or not your loved ones inherit your money or you saddle them with debt. Your decision is made throughout your entire working career, not just when you hit retirement. Think about that. Your children will not find it too funny if their inheritance […]

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After Taxes Got Any Money Left For Retirement?

How Much Money Is In Your Wallet? Any Left After Taxes? Tax season has come and gone as usual. Every year it seems like you end up with less and less retirement money leftover after taxes. Where you live could change all that. Learn which states are retirement heaven and which are not. You may […]

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Your Questions Answered About Annuities

Annuities Can Be A Sweet Deal Who Wants Guaranteed Retirement Income? Before you turn down the opportunity to invest your retirement money into annuities you should learn as much as you possibly can. Annuities offer one big advantage that can make them ideal for retirement income.

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Is Your Retirement Plan Still Standing?

Retirement Plans Take Knock-Down Punches Did Your Retirement Money Survive? If the financial crisis has thrown your retirement plan some punches you are not alone. But in www.atoledo.com finance it”s not how far you fall but how high you bounce that really counts. Your home value, net worth and retirement portfolio have been battered by […]

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How Much Retirement Money Needed To Reach 100?

Avoid Retirement Shock What Do The Experts Say? The reason financial experts make predictions about how much money you will need to live on during  your retirement years is so that you will be financially prepared; but how prepared can you get? Do you have $3,500,000?

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