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Are You Having Any 401k Plan Regrets?

Investing In Your 401k Plan Should Not Be Regretful Your 401k plan or other similar employer sponsored retirement plans are the path to your financial future. If you have regrets, they are self-made. You are responsible for how much money you invest into one of those retirement plans. Remember that your parents, siblings, children, friends, neighbors, boss nor co-workers care about your retirement as […]

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is retirement overrated

Is Retirement Overrated?

Ever Ask Yourself: Is Retirement Overrated? Is retirement overrated if you scrimp on luxuries during your working years so that you can save money for your retirement years. You slave away at a job you dislike but continue to work there because they provide a strong retirement plan match that will help you retire sooner rather than later. You […]

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Does Retirement Have To Be Your Finish Line?

Retirement, The Ultimate Finish Line Most people dream about the perfect retirement life about half way through their career. When the work days get longer and longer, the work become tedious and you start to wonder where all the time went, you start dreaming about what life will be like once you retire. You dream about all […]

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What’s The Fuss? It’s Only Retirement Money

 Are You In The Same Financial Shape?

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Retire Early|Live A “Poor” Lifestyle

Money Equals Freedom Spend Less, Save More Early retirement is a common dream among investors. Many wish it, few achieve it. But why is that? Could be the result of what you tell yourself? If you see something you want, do you even think twice about buying it? Do you stop to think about whether […]

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Do You Have A Best Place To Retire?

Need Money|Want Retirement Your Best Place|The One That Needs Little Money Do your homework before retirement so that you can outlive your retirement income.  If you find a low-cost state to retire to you may need less money than you think. Smart Money Magazine highlights some less known locations that will cost less. Learn more.

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Improve Your Retirement Lifestyle

Think Outside The Box Would you consider an annuity as an alternative investment option for retirement? Some investors shy away from annuities because they consider them to be less than ideal as a retirement investment. Financial planners suggest that gap is due to misinformation. If you feel misinformed, learn more about annuities before making any […]

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Do You Have What It Takes To Retire Early?

Are You A Good Money Manager? Do you have what it takes to retire early? Most of us are not lucky enough to inherit wealth, with the lottery or strike it rich in the stock market. We have to save for retirement one dollar at a time. If you manage your money properly you will […]

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