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Say Hello To Your Inheritance Taxes

Inheritance Taxes? I Don’t Have Any Inheritance Taxes! There are taxes and then there are inheritance taxes. Most individuals do not think that they will ever have to worry about inheritance tax issues because they do not make a lot of money, have few assets or are deep in debt. This is a financial fallacy […]

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Retire Early|Live A “Poor” Lifestyle

Money Equals Freedom Spend Less, Save More Early retirement is a common dream among investors. Many wish it, few achieve it. But why is that? Could be the result of what you tell yourself? If you see something you want, do you even think twice about buying it? Do you stop to think about whether […]

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How Will You Protect Your Retirement Investments?

You  Accumulated It, Now Protect It Since you made retirement investing a priority over the past 40 years you have accumulated enough money to afford retirement. Using a retirement calculator to determine the exact amount of money you would need was a good financial move. Congratulations, you have done a great job accumulating money. You […]

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Were You Naughty Or Nice?

Naughty Or Nice Has Financial Consequences Were you financially naughty or nice to yourself this holiday season? If you stopped contributions to your retirement plan or made a withdrawal from the plan to pay for holiday gifts and festivities you were naughty. If you set boundaries for spending money you were nice to yourself. Being […]

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Women Are Financially Confused

Lack Of Confidence|Lack Of Knowledge Knowledge Is Power Some women fear investing, stock markets, mutual funds, retirement plans, annuities, etc.   All that market “stuff” confuses some women. This confusion puts them behind financially.   Women need to understand that their fears stem from the unknown and if they would take the time to tackle the […]

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Learn The Most Important Foreign Language Of Your Life|Retirement Plan Language

Don’t Let Retirement Plan Language Stop You Do Your Homework Do you get your retirement plan statement every month and never open it because don’t have a clue about what half of it means?   If you do, then you lack critical knowledge – – – -  retirement plan knowledge.   Having the ability to understand […]

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