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is retirement overrated

Is Retirement Overrated?

Ever Ask Yourself: Is Retirement Overrated? Is retirement overrated if you scrimp on luxuries during your working years so that you can save money for your retirement years. You slave away at a job you dislike but continue to work there because they provide a strong retirement plan match that will help you retire sooner rather than later. You […]

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retirement identity

Retirement As Your New Identity

Retirement Gives New Meaning To Your Identity If your identity is tied into your work you will be in for a big surprise when you retire. Retirement is less about who you are or what your work skills consist of and more about designing a 2nd phase of your life. The transition from the work life to retirement can be difficult […]

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You Pay The Cost Of No Retirement Planning

Why Retirement Planning Is Crucial Entering retirement without planning may be a waste of your time. You need money to retire. If you do not have enough money to stay retired you will be forced back to work; and who wants that. Your retirement is designed to be your second chance to do all of the things […]

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stock investing in retirement

Stock Investing In Retirement?

The Basics On Stock Investing In Retirement Before you start stock investing in retirement you need to understand your financial picture. Everyone’s financial picture is different, to understand your own you will need to do some homework and soul-searching.  You need to know what type of investor you are, how much money you will need to […]

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life insurance retirement

Do You Need Life Insurance For Retirement?

Is Life Insurance Perfect For Retirement? Are you confused about the purpose of life insurance? You’re not alone. Many individuals are under the incorrect assumption that life insurance is only used for the death benefit. You die you use it, you live, you don’t. Here’s your ahha moment; life insurance can also be used for retirement. […]

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Your Credit Score At Retirement

Does A Credit Score Matter At Retirement? You bet! Your credit score at retirement is just as important to your financial well-being as it was during your working life. You put in the time and retirement is your reward for a job well done. Dictionaries define retirement as a stress-free time. The last thing you want […]

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retirement money

Want A Balanced, Secure Retirement?

Retirement Your Way Retirement is a life event; one of life’s stages. Retirement is not supposed to be an economic event; however, sometimes the financing of ones retirement turns the life event into an economic one. If you are close to retiring you may not have the time to save for retirement or the energy […]

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magic money

The Magic Formula For Retirement Money

How Will You Make Your Retirement Money Last? Financial planners may try to sell you on the idea that there really is a magic formula out there for making your retirement money last forever. They present all kinds of calculations and charts to you, hoping you will buy off on their ingenious solution to your money concerns. If you […]

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