retirement issues for baby boomers

Top 3 Retirement Issues For Baby Boomers

3 Critical Retirement Issues For Baby Boomers The retirement issues for baby boomers are issues every one must plan for. The conflict for baby boomers is that some of the older boomers are running out of time. Good retirement planning is accomplished in 3 steps: building a nest egg, protecting that nest egg and preserving the assets in that nest egg. #1 […]

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401k plan

Are You Having Any 401k Plan Regrets?

Investing In Your 401k Plan Should Not Be Regretful Your 401k plan or other similar employer sponsored retirement plans are the path to your financial future. If you have regrets, they are self-made. You are responsible for how much money you invest into one of those retirement plans. Remember that your parents, siblings, children, friends, neighbors, boss nor co-workers care about your retirement as […]

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retirement planning

Retirement Planning The Easy Way

Retirement Planning As Easy As 1-2-3 Why Is Retirement Planning So Hard? Planning for retirement can be difficult because the particular financial event you are planning for is years and years away. And, your current financial needs are more pressing. Sound familiar? It is common for retirement to be one of those future financial needs that fall off […]

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Got Debt? Better Delay Retirement

Facing Retirement With Debt Retirement Under A Cloud Of Debt? If you have the retirement itch but are drowning in debt, your dreamy retirement years may not be so dreamy. Why bother retiring if you are in financial lockdown? Once you retire your main source of income dries up. Debt with limited cash flow is boring, tedious […]

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retirement budget

Are You Prepared For A Retirement Budget?

The Importance Of A Retirement Budget Financial strains are psychologically easier during our working years because we receive a stream of income. If that income does not match ones expenses and there is a financial pinch, cash flow adjustments are made. Budgets are refigured, spending is cut and if possible we work some overtime hours to make up for any monetary slack. […]

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start a retirement plan

How To Start A Retirement Plan

How To Start A Retirement Plan Is Easy It’s easy to start a retirement plan, the question is, can you keep it going. You start a retirement plan by signing some forms; that’s the easy part, the more difficult part comes over the next 30 years while you are building it up. Retirement planning is […]

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is retirement overrated

Is Retirement Overrated?

Ever Ask Yourself: Is Retirement Overrated? Is retirement overrated if you scrimp on luxuries during your working years so that you can save money for your retirement years. You slave away at a job you dislike but continue to work there because they provide a strong retirement plan match that will help you retire sooner rather than later. You […]

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Planning For Retirement Your Way Or Not

Does Planning For Retirement Still Mean Having It All? Planning for retirement was not supposed to be so financially challenging. Financial logic says that if you observed conservative spending habits during your working years and started investing when you got your first job, you could save enough money to live on during your retirement years and have it all. Is that still possible? It can be. Focus On What […]

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